How to Source a Great DJ DVD

If being a disc jockey were easy, then lots more people would turn a buck at it.

The fact is, it takes both musical knowledge and technical savvy to be successful in this field. In you want to know how to DJ, DVD training can be just what you need to show you what’s up.

A career as a DJ takes you into a new realm of music creation: You are playing hit songs for your dance floor, but you are also putting your own spin on the sound. You can’t even think of going into this business unless you have rhythm and tempo. One of the basics is the ability to hear the sounds in your head and then imagine them put together with other sounds, but you also need instruction that will teach you about your turntable, CD deck, or digital sound equipment.

The proper DVD will show you what to do with your two input devices, which can be turntables, CD players, MP3 players, or even your PC. Next, the proper mixer, ideally, one with 3-band equalizers per channel will allow you to move your sound from one song to another. With your headphones, you’ll be listening to what you plan next while the current song plays. Some kind of amp equipment is necessary, and of course you need your collection of music.

Look for something that shows you how to set up all this gear to your maximum advantage. No matter what type of turntables you have, you need to become comfortable with your mixers and headphones.

Before you even get to the equipment, if you want to know how to DJ, DVD formats teach you how to mark your music for beats per minute. You’ll gain a complete understanding of beats, breaks, and bars. A proper tutorial will show you how to study beat patterns, and then what to do with them, but you really have to get to know your music, to know its phases and phrases.

Even if you’re going with the most sophisticated digital equipment, you won’t be able to beat match without expert help. There are many books on the subject, but a how-to-DJ DVD puts it all together for you with the visuals and the sounds right in front of you. This is something you cannot learn from watching your friend or playing with his equipment.

A DVD tutorial makes all the theory come together.

If you’re going to start with turntables, proper demonstration will show you how to develop skill with your left turntable and then your right one. You’ll need to learn techniques like crossfading. You can’t just jump in and fade; you also have to learn up-fading and switch skills if you’re going to use this switch successfully. You need to learn where your cut-on is for every channel on your crossfader so that you can do this in your sleep. You can learn to anticipate how much you have to drag something if you’re going to play it next.

The right How to DJ DVD will teach you how to make a tune your own by extending the intro or outro, or adding breakdowns, while you remember that your music is still going to be four beats to the bar. A whole world of instruction is available on the right DVD products, from basic scratching techniques all the way to the most outrageous mixer scratch moves. Get ready to be experienced!

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