Things the Top 500 eBay Sellers Do

OK. Let’s be honest here and ALL admit we have read the emails and ads about eBay businesses.

All the seller packs, free CDs and education programs make it seem difficult. Well guess what? It isn’t and the top 500 eBay sellers can tell you how it’s done on less than a shoestring.

First, let’s understand that even in a down global economy like the 2008 one, online businesses are absolutely booming. This is because it is convenient, easy and there are great deals available. With every dollar so important, that is a big draw for online customers.

But this is about the top 500 eBay sellers, isn’t it? What they did and how they got there? What their secrets are and what makes them a top seller. I can’t give you all the skinny but I can tell you a few things.

So without further adieu, let’s dispel the arguments one by one.

Argument: I can’t do a business. I don’t know how.

Answer: This is nonsense. Anybody can operate an online business. You do not need a college degree or a business class to do this. All you DO need are an idea and some initiative.

Argument: I don’t have enough money to open a business online.

Answer: More nonsense. I know one person who started an EBay business with nothing but a computer, a camera and a few things to sell. That was three years ago and now that business has sales of nearly $40,000 EACH MONTH! Still think you can’t do it?

Argument: I don’t have anywhere to store items I am selling.

Answer: You do not need a warehouse or a place to store inventory. The secret is called “drop shipping” and works like a charm. Simple idea is that you sell items that you never even see or touch physically.

You sell them on EBay and ship them from the parent storage facility. You never have to lay hands on the items, pay the rent for the storage or payroll, not to mention the taxes on inventory that NEVER come your way. This is a win-win situation for you!

Argument: I can’t afford to buy items to sell.

Answer: Back to the drop shipping thing. If you sell the item for $30 and it only costs you $10, do the math; you make a quick, easy $20

Of course there are things like gallery pictures, highlighting and bolding the listing for more exposure. All these are things that the top 500 EBay sellers do on a regular basis.

eBay SellersThey realized the importance of using the classified ads for electronic items, pictures of the item from all angles and using HTML in the description so it stands out.

Sales tips include combining the freight into the price of the item and offering for “free shipping” or offering a free gift of some sort. Actually, the word “free” is a huge draw for customers. Anywhere you can use that word, do it!

The last thing that the top 500 eBay sellers do is simple. They practice excellent customer service. They do what they say they will do. They solve problems as they crop up and they ALWAYS make sure the customer is taken care of.

Not really secrets, but common sense, as you can see.

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Wishing You Great Success

Ben Braide

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