Tips for Choosing a Memo Board

Don’t you want to have an aesthetic, yet practical way to write down messages and remember special dates?  Choosing a Memo board to suit your family’s needs is the only way to guarantee that they will actually use it.

Some people prefer something as simple as a basic bulletin board.  These are cork boards, normally framed by wood or metal, in a variety of sizes to fit whatever space you have available.   They come in a generic light brown shade.

Memo Board

People who like the stoic re-usability of cork but prefer something a little tonier can choose cork tiles.  Look for them in the home decorating section of a do-it-yourself store.  They come in dark brown squares measuring a foot square, in packages of four or eight.  You can hang them to create a small 12×12 area or assemble them in other configurations.  Many people like to edge them with lace or ribbon.

Dry erase boards do not accept pushpins, but you can write on them with special markers over and over again.  They’re made from either magnetic or nonmagnetic materials.  Choosing a Memoboard that’s magnetic allows you to write messages and also hold notes in place using magnets.

Some people decide on dry erase boards that are pre-scored to fill in family activities.  You can buy one with a pre-drawn grid to use as a calendar, or choose a design that has several columns to designate areas for different members of the family.

There are also memoboards that combine the cork concept with the dry erase board.  They are usually square or rectangular boards that are divided in half, with each half being one surface or the other.  The division of surfaces allows someone to write and rewrite messages without disturbing any reminders that need to stay pinned up for days.  Select a plastic, wood, or metal frame.  When Choosing a Memo board of this type, be sure to pick up markers so that people don’t use the wrong, indelible kind by mistake.

It’s also possible to choose a multi-functional model.  There are memo boards with a dry erase section, a cork section, and a section that holds a mail rack or pegs for keys.  You can find them with photo frames or coat hooks.

Many people seek an ergonomic memo board that will blend in with home décor.  You can choose a lovely ceramic model that will rest alongside your phone.  This style boasts a high-gloss finish, and you write on it with dry-erase markers.  One model is a desk-top style that elevates slightly for easy writing.

Yet another option, if you’re Choosing a Memo board, is the French style.  It combines a cloth-quilted board that accepts push pins, decorated with latticed ribbons in which you can insert messages or photos.   They come in lovely designs that will blend in with your color scheme or your room’s theme.

There are silver metal boards that look very techno; they come with magnetic pieces.  Some models have pockets for paper tablets or accommodate a spool of paper so that you can jot messages and post them.

You can also choose strip bulletin boards.  These come in cork or magnetic styles.  They are several feet long but only one or two inches high.  The idea is to affix them on the wall and then fasten your messages to the strip.  These are especially effective for displaying certificates at a business or children’s artwork in the home.

What do you need in a memo board?  Some people want only to write down reminders.  Others want to pin up appointment cards or notes.  You might want to have one as a central message place for your family, a place that everyone knows to visit when they come home to see what others are doing.  And when they are going out, they know to stop by and leave their own itinerary posted.  Choosing a Memo board carefully means that it will be used by all, and you can find a style to coordinate with just about any environment.

All the best with choosing your memo board.

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