Tips on Choosing Your DJ Business Cards

Congratulations are in order if you’re ready to market your career as a disc (digital media?) jockey!

It’s gratifying to work in a field where you entertain people and give them memories they will treasure from their special occasions.

But you need to develop DJ business cards if you want people to remember that you’re the one available for those occasions.

What goes into a good marketing tool?

Business cards are the front line of business advertising, and they’re also the most cost efficient.  The best DJ business cards will tell your customers your basic contact information.  You won’t buy a phone ad, or develop a letterhead, or purchase any advertising space that costs less than a business card.

Your card must demonstrate your personal style.  Let it be a visual reminder of who you are and what your product is like.  If people can’t tell immediately from looking at it that music is your business, then the card is a waste.

Your card has to be a class act.

Home printing kits are wonderful and inexpensive.  But here’s the reality of them:  It will take you an hour or two—at least—to set up your card successfully on your template.  And you must have a top quality printer to produce professional-looking cards.  Assuming that you manage to print cards that have even and full ink distribution, feel the card as it rests in your hand.  The homemade cards are too lightweight, and the perforations around the edges just don’t impress.  There are wonderful opportunities to develop and purchase DJ business cards using online resources.

For example, you can find a logo on a place like the Creative Commons images on Flickr or  Many people are willing to share their images for free for both commercial and noncommercial use.  You can also get a friend to draw something simple, or just choose something from Microsoft Word’s extensive Clip Art file.  Right-click and save it as a photo on your computer; upload it when you’re laying out your business card design.

KISS your card design:

Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.

If you put too much information onto one small business card, the card will look amateurish and tacky.  You only have a small amount of space to utilize.  Include your name, your company name, contact information, and one phrase or sentence that tells why they should use you:  Examples are “For the Time of Your Life” or “Music for All Occasions” or “Serving the Greater New York Area.”

Speaking of contact information, list your phone number and website if you have one.  Additional information can appear on your website or on your flyers.  Most business cards have a mailing address, but a catchy phrase is probably more important on DJ business cards.  Your company name should appear in 15-point size or less; your name should be about 10 point; and for anything else use a font no smaller than 7-8 point.

Use color effectively.

Many people think of neutral grays and beiges as businesslike and respectable.  DJ business cards can get away with a little more color than the average card, but you still want to limit yourself to one bright color, and absolutely not more than two.  But you are in a creative profession, after all—does a dark card with light typeface work well for you?  Think outside the box.

You’ll want to choose 15pt stock if you’re using glossy cardstock, which is best if your card shows a photo, or 65lb to 80lb for matte stock.  The matte stock is ideal for most logos.  You can check the price, but it’s probably more cost effective to use a logo rather than a photograph.

Get lots of them printed!

Your business card won’t be effective if you don’t distribute them.  At events, you can have a small pile sitting discreetly at the corner of the table near your console.  You’ll save money by ordering more now rather than frequent reorders.

Considering everything you’ve learned here, sit down and sketch out your ideas for business cards before you start choosing colors and typefaces.  Ultimately your DJ business cards will be your best advertisement, and you’ll be glad you put this time and thought into designing them.

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