Top Beach Food in the Philippines

One doesn’t need to check-in to posh beach hotels to be in foodie heaven. From Boracay to Puerto Galera, beaches in the Philippines offer a wide array of food choices such as Halo-halo, Chori burger, Scramble, Shakes, empanadas, grilled and fried food.

Halo-halo. The classic summer dessert is a staple in Philippine beaches. The preserved sweets and shaved ice topped with milk is perfect when lounging in a beach chair overlooking the turquoise seas.

Chori burger. The chori burger is a popular beach food in Boracay. Manang vendors grill chorizo sausages and place them in buns. The chori burger has become so popular that Manila establishments such as World Tops and Bun-on-the-run have come up with their versions of the burger for urbanites craving for chori burger without having to fly to Boracay.

Ice Scramble. Shaved ice, powdered milk, sugar and chocolate syrup is what makes up this popular street food that can also be found in beaches such as Puerto Galera.

Fruit Shakes. Fruit Shakes is another item in a foodie’s list when going to the beach. Boracay is famous for its Fruit Shakes especially the ones served by Jonas.

Grilled Food. Pork, beef, fish, chicken, fish, squid, isaw, liver, chicken feet -the choices of grilled food that can be found on the beaches of the Philippines are endless. Recently establishments in Puerto Galera have started to offer Kababs, a twist on the regular grilled food fare. Farther south, in Boracay, grilled seafood are offered starting sundown.

Empanadas. Up north, Ilocos is known for its orange empanadas which is also sold in Saud beach. With an egg, vigan longanisa and an orange batter deep-fried in oil, these empanadas may be a cardiologist’s nightmare but is popular with vacationers.

Fried Food. Fishballs, squid balls, kwek-kwek (fried quail eggs), hotdogs, calamares, chicken nuggets, isaw, and other fried foods that can be usually found on city streets are also sold in beaches.

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