How to Create a Enjoyable Music Playlist

Music playlists add just the right touch to make your day special.  Whatever type of music player you have, you’ve got to load it up with great music.  And it’s best to create various playlists for different activities or moods.

First:  Think of all the reasons you want music playlists!  

Then: Look at all the ways to create them.

Whether you have a top-shelf iPod, iPhone or Zune, or one of the many other brands of MP3 or MP4 players, you’re about to realize that it’s a hard drive, jump drive, and CD player all contained in one palm-size unit.  You can use it to create multiple playlists for your various moods and activities.

Or maybe you want to create a music playlist using your computer’s music player for tunes while you’re browsing the web or working such as itunes or winamp.   And certainly playing music from your computer or IPod will never replace CD listening.

What’s Your Pleasure?

MusicWhat kinds of playlists do you want?  Maybe you want some tunes that will keep you fresh during your morning jog.  Music while you travel, either your daily commute or a longer trip, will keep you relaxed. And it’s absolutely essential to put together a music package that works where you work.

If you love music, you probably appreciate more than one type.  You can create playlists sorted by genre.  Classical music will ease you through some moods, and classic rock will lift you up at other times.  Jazz or rock might be what you need when you’re gardening or cleaning the house.  Easy listening is great for those times when you’re running errands and you want something light and cheerful.

And at certain other times, you’ve just got to admit that nothing will do it for you like a romance playlist.  Do you want soft love songs?  Or maybe it’s time for seriously sexy stuff.   And some easy listening, once again, for later, maybe.

You’ve also got to have a dance floor playlist, something that makes you boogie.  Don’t forget a separate, generic list, something you can play if your kids or even your mom wants a listen.   Other people like to develop specific collections, your favorite Broadway tunes for example, or Oscar-nominated songs.  Maybe you want a playlist that consists entirely of one artist’s work.

Ultimately there’s nothing like having the tunes at hand that move your world.  Make a list of the types of music you love.  Make another list of the songs you love, and then jot down a third list of the times you like to listen to music.  Put these three factors together to figure out what lists you can create to have your favorite sounds ready when you want them.

An Awesome Music Playlist is Easy!

Whether your a looking to build a collection of wedding songs or want to create some solid party music lists, It’s Easy…

Get down to it by organizing your music according to your moods and needs, whether it’s on your MP3, your computer, or on CDs.  First you choose an online music management vendor, an online music store.  Once you create an account, you’ll just need to plug in your MP3 player or iPod, and you’re up.

The vendor will let you sample and shop.

Face it that there’s no free lunch here; musicians deserve to be paid for their work, and music download sites charge you so that the musician gets something.  Most of them have at least occasional free downloads.  By the way, there are lots of choices out there; some vendors specialize in specific genres.   So shop around; be a little selective about which ones you sign up for because you just don’t want that much stuff on your computer.  But you’re generally not charged until you download a tune.

You can create lists, and downloading them to your player is cake.  It’s easy to sort your favorite tunes, or drag and drop them from one list to another.  Most products are “smart” about developing a music playlist—the product that you use will help you identify your personal preferences and put together playlists that are meaningful for you.

How and when do you like to listen to your music?  You can burn your files to an mp3, CD, or DVD audio disc.  It’s also very simple to upload songs to your computer from your favorite CDs, which is called ripping the CD.  You don’t need to feel guilty about doing this since you’ve already paid for the CD.

You can also choose music management software that will let you add, remove, or fix ID tags.  There are great products available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

You can buy one song, or an entire album.  You can put one song into multiple music playlists.  If you love Beyoncé drop her into your R&B playlist.

Creating a playlist for working out at the gym or whilst running is important too. Check out this Great Workout Songs List.

There are also about a zillion podcasts going on out in the Ethernet, just waiting for you to grab onto them.  Look for a genre—some of them are music, and some might be talk.  The online music vendors also offer podcasts that are very smart about notifying you if they release something that’s relevant to a download you already have.

So Just Kick Back

And relax.

You’re going to find a lot of ways to make your world magic with music.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you don’t have to be a genius.  It’s easier than a song.


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