9 Epic Vespa Failures

Vespa scooters are great fun to ride but sometimes these two wheeled vehicles can be a little hard to handle.

We have trawled the web to find 9 of the biggest Vespa epic failures.

1. News Reporter Tracy Butler Crashes a Vespa

2. Clowning around with your Vespa can sometimes hurt



3. Don’t push your Vespa too high – Vespa Fail

4. Be careful what you say to the local rocker gangs

5. When riding, please be careful at every traffic lights!

Don’t watch if you can’t handle a bad accident – Hopefully he survived…

6. These Poor Vespa’s didn’t even make it to the showroom

Vespa Truck Crash

7. Girls crashes Vespa – Ouch!

8. Skateboard ramps are not for your Vespa



9. Be careful pulling wheelies with your brand new Vespa

The crash is at the end of this 1 minute video… Oh Noes!

Hope you enjoyed these Vespa epic fails.



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