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Reviewer: Ben Braide

Rating: 2.5/5

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Bidding Buzz is an eBay Training company started by Amanda and Matt Clarkson designed to show you how you can make an income using eBay.

When you start selling on eBay, you really need to understand the psychology behind selling on eBay, what drives people to make impulse purchases and how to write product descriptions that convert.

They have a few different options of training packages. The first is a small eBook called “12 Hot Secrets You Can Use To Create Unstoppable Income on eBay”.

It’s just a simple guide explaining a 12 step system that works for them. I’ve read it… however recommend the alternative “eBay Fortune Guide” instead which includes a lot more detailed “How to” information.

Another more in depth package of theirs is the monthly Step by Step video mentoring program.

I also signed up for this and although it eventually gets around to teaching you their methods for selling on eBay, I found it to be too slow.

If you want to learn about drop shipping, copy writing and the important parts of selling on eBay then you have to wait a few months to find out.

That’s why for a more in depth video eBay Tutorial course I recommend the Online Selling Tactics training package. It’s a little more investment up front but you can learn at a pace that suits you and it works out cheaper in the long run anyway (Compared to a 24 month subscription).

Another couple of training packages they offer are the DVD course sets which includes their live seminars and full training on DVD along with manuals etc.

But priced at around $1000 and $5000 or so respectively, Online Selling Tactics is a much better business training investment and I like the fact you get instant access to Online Selling Tactics rather than wait around for your training material to arrive in the post.

Overall, for a complete beginner the Bidding Buzz system is ok, Nothing to rave home about – Alot of sales letter hype I give it 2.5 out of 5.

All the Best With Your eBay Selling,

Ben Braide

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