Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Postcode 2600

Canberra, the capital of Australia, might not be the largest place in the country, but it certainly boasts plenty to hold your interest.

Canberra proper rests in New South Wales, the same place as Sydney. However, it’s separated from the land of New South Wales and sits in the northern part of the Australian Capital Territory, or ACT. Founded in 1826 from a purchase made by a stockman’s crew, it became the official capital in 1908.

How was this lively but medium-sized city ever chosen as the capital of all of Australia? If you look at a map at the route you would take between Melbourne, at the southeastern tip, to Sydney, which sits a little way up the southeastern coast, you’ll find Canberra almost exactly in between.

Canberra Australia

Canberra Australia – Pic by Tishooo

Its selection mollified and unified the people who were split into two camps promoting either Melbourne or Sydney as the capital.  As a result, you’ll find that it’s a place with above-average income and education levels and a population that’s relatively young and vibrant.

The layout of Canberra follows a centralised pattern of spokes emanating from a wheel, symbolic of Canberra as the centre of the country’s government.

The sprawling Lake Burley Griffin runs through the middle of the city proper, with Commonwealth Park on its north shores and Stirling Park just to the southwest.

While Canberra’s biggest industries are government agencies and defence centres, there is also much to do for pleasure in this vibrant area.

Besides national points such as the National Library, National Portrait Gallery, Archives, and a couple museums, you’ll also find several festivals and art shows taking place throughout the year. The National Dinosaur Museum holds the largest collection of prehistoric relics available south of the equator.

No matter what you’re seeking, you’re bound to find it in this friendly yet cosmopolitan city.

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