How to Choose a Tattoo Design

As we go through our lives we struggle to find things to help us stand out. Choosing a cool style of tattoo is one way to accomplish this. No one wants to be considered the same as everyone else and we try to express our individuality through clothing, hair-styles and attitudes.

But a tattoo is a great way another great way to express just who you really are. Choosing a style of tattoo can be fun and exciting. The primary reason for this is that getting a tattoo is quite permanent.

Tattoo ArtThis is why it is so important to put some thought into it and don’t do anything on a whim. After all, you don’t want to regret engraving your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name on your arm after you break up!

My girlfriend has been a huge music fan her entire life. She settled on the Mushroomhead (band) mascot—a scarecrow-looking face—on each of her shoulders. It is wicked and sexy all at the same time!

Just imagine how much fun having something as personal as a tattoo would be. If you already have one, then you know the advantages. It is like having your own art gallery right on your body. You can display your art at parties, yet cover it up for work! That makes you virtually a chameleon.

Choose Your Style

The first thing you need to do is choose a style. It should be something that is timeless in your eyes, perhaps something that has to do with your family or past that will always be with you. It could also very well represent your life moving forward and what you want to aspire to be. Either way, you should take some time and really think this over.

Choosing a Tattoo Artist

Find a local artist or tattooist to design your idea. Don’t be afraid to pay a little extra money to get your style of tattoo just right. It will be worth it in the long run. If you don’t know any tattoo artists then look around any city and you shouldn’t have a problem getting some contacts.

Then ask around about the artist to make sure they are the one you want to employee. You can also use tattoo message boards like to help find someone to at least help you with your design.

Show your design to your friends and ask them what they think. Sometimes it is good to get an outside opinion regarding something like this. Maybe your friends have suggestions about how you can improve the design.

Before Getting Your Tattoo

Before getting your tattoo, make sure you moisturize your skin several days before the appointment. Eat as best you can and try to stay hydrated. All of this prep work is good for your skin and helps the tattoo artist do a better job.

Also, make sure you get a lot of sleep the night before the appointment, because you’ll want to be able to make it through several hours of inking.

After Getting Your Tattoo

After getting your tattoo, make sure to follow the aftercare sheet from the tattoo shop to the letter. Stay hydrated just like in your preparation. The better your skin heals the better your tattoo will look. While it can be painful, your style of tattoo will really show who you are on the inside and will stay with you’re your entire life.

Finding a Great Tattoo Gallery

Tattoo galleries are a great place to get ideas of what kind of tattoo you want. If you find the right gallery, the ideas you can get are boundless.

Anyone who is interested in getting a tattoo wants to find the perfect one. This makes sense. Tattoos are a permanent expression of one’s self, and if you get the wrong one, you will regret it for a long time.

Now, there are as many tattoos in the world as you can imagine. Literally, if you can imagine it, someone can create it for you. The trouble is many people have a difficult time deciding what kind of tattoo they want to get. Often they have a general idea, like “I want a flower.” Or “I want something patriotic.” But even these are vague, and need to be narrowed down.

Tattoo on Girls Back

A tattoo gallery can be a great place to take your ideas and compare them against what others have already thought up. When you are looking for a gallery, make sure you look for one that has a wide variety of art. A gallery that has a narrow field of subjects will be of little use, and might indicate a less than professional source.

When looking for a tattoo gallery online, try to find one that has the pictures and art categorized. It will be easier to find what you are looking for if you can click on the subject. You do not want to waste your time searching through hundred of pictures, only to find that a gallery has nothing like what you are looking for.

There are two types of galleries on the internet.

One type is free for anyone to view, and the other has to be paid for. There is some debate as to which is better.

At a free gallery, you can look at any of the pictures whenever you want. There are lots of ideas to be gotten, and you never have to worry about paying. The downside to free galleries is that sometimes they aren’t categorized. Also, most of the pictures are taken by amateurs, which can take away from the appeal of the tattoo, or make it difficult to see.

At a paid gallery, the downside is obvious. You have to pay money just to be allowed to view any of the pictures. This doesn’t make sense if you’re just looking one time for a general idea.

But, if there is something very specific you are looking for, or if you are planning to get multiple tattoos, paid galleries can be helpful. These galleries usually have at least semi-professionals taking the pictures, ensuring better quality, and are usually set up so you can find exactly what you want with the least amount of looking.

Paid galleries are also great for individuals who are in a tattoo related profession, artists in particular. These galleries can be a place of endless inspiration for them.

The most important point when you are looking for a tattoo gallery is to find one you like. As long as you like a gallery, and it serves your purpose, that is what is important. Keep an eye out, and check on gallery reviews. If there is one with a good reputation, you are likely to find it helpful too.

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