Fat Loss Pills

Losing weight is a challenge that fat loss pill manufacturers have decided to take advantage of. As a result dozens of fat loss pills are currently on the market, allowing the dieter a plethora of choices.

Despite the stigma that has often been associated with fat loss pills, if used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise, they can actually be a great aide for losing fat. One of the best fat loss pills that achieves this is Lipo-6, a supplement created by Nutrex.

The ingredient in Lipo-6 that allows the fat loss pill to attack adipose tissue is an herb known as guggulsterone. This herb comes from the Indian Guggul tree, and is obtained through the plant’s sap.

It has properties that manipulate the thyroid gland, causing the body to increase its metabolic rate. When this happens one’s body goes into a fat-burning mode. Unlike other fat loss pills, Lipo-6 has a pure concentration of Gugglsterone.

When a person takes Lipo-6 they will notice that their fat deposits are actually being eaten away, even in areas where it’s usually hard to burn fat. Additionally, the product also allows a person to gain a lot of energy. This is without the jitteriness that is associated with fat loss pills that have tons of caffeine. The only downside to the pill is that it can cause a person to have trouble sleeping if it is taken 6 hours before bedtime.

In terms of usage, a person can take a maximum of four Lipo-6 pills a day for 8 weeks. After that the product warning’s label suggests that one discontinue use. The warning label also suggests that people with certain medical conditions, (such as heart or liver problems), consult with a doctor before using the product.

Cost-wise, Lipo-6 is around $50 for a bottle of 120 capsules, (which will last a dieter two months). This is if a person is buying directly from Nutrex.com. One can find Lipo-6 for as low as $20 if they shop around on cheaper sites, though they do not have as much guarantee they are getting the real thing.

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