Finding Those Great Tattoo Letter Designs

Are you looking for just the right tattoo letter designs? Have you always wanted a tat but never could make up your mind about what to get or where to get it? Join the club; many people out there feel the same way! Tattoo’s have become popular once again with the rise of hit shows like L.A. Ink and others tat’s have become almost a status symbol to some. For others they want this permanent emblem on their body to mean something and be more than just mere decoration. For this reason, artists will spend months or even years developing their personal tattoos, and as soon as the ink is in promptly destroy the paper copy!

This has made it difficult for the people who want a personal tattoo to find interesting tattoo letter design for their special tat. All is not lost however and if you are less than artistically inclined stick around because there are some unique ways to find just the right tattoo letter designs for your next tat.


The easiest, albeit most expensive, way to develop tattoo letter designs is to work with an artist who specialises in creating tattoos. You can talk through your design ideas and give them relevant information on which to base your tattoo. For instance if you always wanted a cross tattoo with your parents, child or loved ones name in a banner and your family has Celtic roots you might go with a Celtic cross and lettering. This same concept could be applied to a family with Chinese roots, or India, the choices are really endless.

Working with an artist is a fun way to come up with special tattoo letter designs.

Tattoo Parlour

Tattoo LetteringAs you may have seen on some of the more popular tattoo shows you can also bring in photographs, crude drawings or just about anything in the proximity of the tattoo, you want and most shops will work on creating your tattoo based on the designs. There may be a few parlours who do not offer this option, but you would have to wonder at their artistic skill with a tattoo gun.


If you are simply looking for great tattoo letter designs without any other images in your tat, you can find many sites on the internet that will take your wording and allow you to apply many forms of writing style to them. You can increase the font size and even colour and then print your tattoo letter design for a trip to the parlour.


Getting a tattoo is a great way to honour loved ones and much, much more. Nevertheless you need to be cautious about where and who gives you a tat. Reputable parlors can cost a good deal of money, however allowing an amateur to permanently mark your skin is never wise. The least of your worries is getting a bad tattoo letter design that you will have to live with, there are also blood borne pathogens and disease that you can get from an individual who does not know how to properly clean their equipment.

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