Is Beef Jerky Good for You?

Is beef jerky good for you? This is a question that many people will want to know the answer too before indulging in their favorite snack.

Beef jerky is incredibly popular, and many people enjoy eating it on a daily basis. However, there is often a debate over the healthy properties which are included in the meaty snack.

Beef Jerky NutritionBeef jerky is a popular cured beef food product, which does not need to be refrigerated making it ideal for people who want a snack on the move. This convenient snack offers an incredibly healthy alternative for you to enjoy at any time of the day. Whether you have some in your car, in your desk drawer or at home in the cupboard, you can easily reach for it and enjoy.

This alternative snack food is high in protein, nutrient dense, low calorie and incredibly filling making it the ideal snack for everyone. Many people consider beef jerky to be an incredibly old fashioned food form the Wild West. However, it is still produced and sold in stores all over the United States and enjoyed by people of all ages.

This healthy snack is excellent and a fantastic source of lean protein, which ensures that you feel fuller for longer. When you are searching for a snack that will sustain you throughout the whole day, beef jerky is excellent. The low fat content, will ensure that your calorie intake is a minimum, and that you remain eating a healthier diet.

There is a huge array of different snack foods to choose, however, beef jerky remains a firm favorite, regardless of the diet that you are eating.  Low carbohydrate diets will benefit from eating beef jerky as you will feel fuller, without the carbohydrates. This enjoyable savory snack will satisfy you throughout the whole day, and you will no longer need to ask is beef jerky good for you.

A small portion of beef jerky will contain as little as one gram of fat, which can supply your body with nutrients for the whole day. There is no sugar, preservatives or fat within the beef jerky, which is unusual for any snack food. When selecting the best beef jerky to purchase, you may want to consider the low salt option.

Beef Jerky Nutrition

Beef jerky nutrition is often debated as many people believe that this popular snack food is not healthy. However, if you look closely at the nutritional elements of the jerky, you will understand that this snack food is not only convenient, but also good for you.  This fantastic snack can be enjoyed by everyone, at anytime, anywhere.

Snack foods often get bad press as people believe that they are bad for you, and contain high amounts of fats and sugars. However, beef jerky is unlike typical snack foods, and will provide you with a healthy alternative.  Beef jerky is simply dried meat, which can have seasonings and flavorings added for taste. However, many people enjoy the simplicity of plain beef jerky, which is a fantastic snack to have.

The process of drying meat has been used for generations, and older people understand the benefits of eating this style of snack. Beef jerky will provide you with high levels of protein, many different vitamins including vitamin B and several minerals. This style of snack is incredibly low in fat and has very few calories, making it ideal for people watching their weight.

In the average serving of beef jerky, you will find the beef jerky nutrition to be fascinating and often not what you would expect. A typical 3.5oz serving will only contain 150 calories, which is perfect for snack food. There is on average 31.1g of protein per serving of beef jerky, which is an incredible amount.

This protein is considered complete, which ensures that you are receiving essential amino acids to maintain your body. The low levels of carbohydrates within the beef jerky make it an ideal snack food for people on low carbohydrate diets. There are also high levels of different minerals in the jerky, which can help the function of your kidneys.

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The beef jerky also contains 16% of your daily intake for iron, and has levels of potassium, zinc, copper and calcium present. You will be amazed how nutritional the beef jerky is, and how you will feel after consuming some.  The high levels of vitamin B are brilliant and will ensure that you have your daily amount.

With so many incredible nutritional values, it is no surprise that more people are beginning to eat beef jerky on a regular basis. You will find that the product doesn’t need to be stored in a refrigerator and can be left in your desk, car or taken with you out and about. The elements of versatility, excellent taste and ease of storage continue to make beef jerky an incredible popular snack.

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