Some Excellent Genealogy Sites You Should See

Here are some of the top genealogy sites for tracing your Irish ancestry.

Research Your Family TreeThis site gives a very comprehensive and detailed overview of beginning family tree research techniques that’s perfect for anyone just getting started in genealogy who wants a solid foundation for finding their ancestors.

Using’s Census Records–This site shows you in detail how to get the most out of your searches of the census records on There are some advanced search techniques here you may not have thought of, that can help you locate those hard-to-find ancestors.

Historical Documents Online–Here you’ll learn just what types of original historical documents are available in scanned images online and how to access those images. Original documents are genealogical gold, and more are available online now than ever. Use this site and possibly save yourself a trip across the country to track down documents that mention your ancestors.

GenBlog–An extensive and very well-presented genealogy blog focusing on the Cahill, Miller, McMahon, Rottman, Stoffel, Wach, & Webster families, but including over 1,000 other names. There are lots of photos and scanned images of documents here, which helps rank this site among the most helpful amateur genealogy sites out there.

California Genealogical Society and Library Blog–An excellent blog presented by a well-respected genealogical organization. This site provides lots of information on upcoming programs, as well as tips, tricks, and techniques on how to trace your ancestors. Be sure to check out the article on how to trace your ancestors in Ireland.

Genealogy Insider–A wonderful genealogy blog focusing on the latest genealogy news, as well as what’s happening with Family Tree Magazine and This is a very useful site for anyone researching their Irish ancestry, or any other type of ancestry.

Ancestry Magazine–The website of Ancestry Magazine. Quite simply one of the most comprehensive, broad-based genealogy sites out there, with plenty of information for everyone who is tracing a family tree.

Genealogy and Family History–A highly detailed and informative blog on all things genealogy. There’s quite a bit about Irish genealogy research here, too. While you’re there, check out the great article on Irish Emigration to New England.

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