Where to Get a Tribal Tattoo!

If you are anything like me, ink appeals, and decorating your body is an ideal way to acknowledge the things or people that really matter to you, in a unique one of a kind way.  Tribal tattoo lettering is a popular choice as it gives you a versatile way to have the names of your children or partner inked onto your skin, and at the same time looks amazing.

Women tend to favour the base of the spine as well as shoulders, wrist and ankles for tattoos but that certainly isn’t exclusive. I have one each side of the fronts of my shoulders and my friend has one that runs from her shoulder round her side onto her midriff, as well as one on her foot.  Tribal tattoo lettering can be real letters in a style that mimic the tribal styles, or it can be made up of symbols that have meaning, so its up to you whether you want to have a name that can be read by all who see it, or if you would rather be mysterious and have some symbolism that leaves people intrigued.

Tribal TattooAngelina Jolie has a large back piece of tribal lettering that she had tattooed in traditional methods without the use of the modern day tattoo gun, and to her this is special, and it is certainly unique and proves to be a talking point for her.  Before you decide where to get your tattoo ask to see samples of their work, as tribal tattoos can be very intricate and require a good clean needlework. Make sure the tattooist of choice is up to the job – if you are anything like me there will only be one tattoo artist that you will let anywhere near you with a tattoo gun in their hands!

There are lots of resources on the Internet that can give you ideas and designs for tattoos, such as  what’s on the side banner or to choose which gallery site is best for you who specialise in many styles of lettering including those that are tribal based.

Remember, choose carefully especially when it comes to names. Personally I have had my boys names tattooed on me, but not my man. As much as I love him now, it’s not always wise. Think Katie Price and the big black cross she had tattooed to cover Peter Andre’s name; Johnny Depp had to have Winona turned into Wino. In the case of partners, I think a symbol is better just because you never really know how life will pan out!

For men, arms and back are popular choices for tattoos. The calves and back of neck are also increasing in popularity, but again think about how often your tribal tattoo lettering will be seen. If you opt for the back of the neck and have longer hair, or the base of the spine and do not wear clothes that show it off, then for some people this isn’t an issue as long as they know it is there, but others want their loved ones names on show all the time. Removal is possible in this day and age, but the best thing to do is choose calmly in advance and never act when you have been drinking.

May your tribal lettering tattoo choosing be easy,


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