Your Leo Horoscope

What’s Likeable About Leo? The Good, The Bad, and The Lion. If your birthday falls between  July 23 and August 22, you belong under the astrological sign of Leo the Lion.
People born under this sign share many characteristics associated with the king of beasts—they are noble, brave, and bold, just for starters.

Leo is a Fire sign, and its ruling planet is the Sun, which means Leo is totally on fire with enthusiasm for life. The constellation of Leo rules the 5th House of the Zodiac. But if you’re Leo and you’re reading this, you really need to know more about all this and what it all means, so let’s get right to it.

Leo Horoscope

What Your Horoscope Actually Represents

In order to understand just what astrology means in your life, you have to realize that the horoscope wheel drawn by the astrologer reflects the way the sky looked at the time you were born. The wheel represents the sky above you depicted as huge circle, with the twelve astrological signs each holding a place around its edge. The Sun takes approximately 30 days to pass through each sign, and it was travelling through the constellation of Leo the Lion on your birthday.

Your Ruling Planet, the Sun: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Of course we all know the Sun isn’t actually a planet; it’s the star of our galaxy. Isn’t that fitting for astrology’s most courageous sign? Actually, Leos really don’t spend all that much time thinking about how good they are, but it does seem to be true that people born under this sign display the energetic vitality and blazing leadership skills just as if they were lit from within by something fiery and bright.

But it’s not all spotlights and headlines for anybody, not even Leo, so what’s the story with Leo’s everyday personality?  You’ll find that his persona expresses his natural warmth and generosity for the people in his circle of family and friends. Leo’s innate loyalty means that he will stand by someone close to him no matter what they do, and he will go far out of his way to help someone out if that person is important to him. Leo takes pride in his self-sufficiency, and he exhibits both a knack and an enjoyment for assuming leadership of both people and projects.

The Sun exaggerates the flair for the dramatic in Leo, no matter what he’s doing. If you tell a Leo woman that you like her outfit, she’s likely to strike a pose, even if it’s unintentional. Leo is the person who likes to read aloud to people, and Leo makes a great actor. In keeping with his royal heart, Leo enjoys pampering and all the fine things in life—just like any king or queen. Give Leo a day at the spa for a birthday present!

All this vivacity fits with Leo’s categorization as a Fire sign, indicating people who like to take charge, who will argue if necessary, and who feel passionate about almost everything they do. Leo also likes to examine everything he does to make sure it meets his poetic standards of how he should conduct himself within the world around him.

Bad Leo: Don’t Cross Him

Lions aren’t very nice to people they don’t like, and the same is true of Bad Leo. When Leo’s negative characteristics come to the fore, you’ll find someone who is arrogant and ruthless and reluctant to listen to other people’s opinions. He won’t of course maul you physically, but you might feel as if you’ve taken an emotional beating if you fight with Leo. Leo will over-dramatize the events going on around him, and you might even find him boastful. Leo is a sensitive soul in any regard, but if his negative side is coming out he will become as sulky as a child.

Leo’s Best Partners

Leo needs someone who will keep pace with his bright personality, and so the other fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries, make possible business or romantic partners. Aries, however, is a little too war-like, and whenever Leo and Aries clash there will be fireworks. Possibly better choices include the air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air mixes well with Fire and takes Leo’s intensity in stride and even with a little amusement.  Leo is a Fixed sign, referring to his stability and perseverance in all he does. Aquarius is likewise a Fixed sign, and so of all the Air signs makes the best match with Leo.

Leo: Ruling the 5th House

As you might expect, the 5th House governs all things dramatic in life, and it means that Leo will have a flair for creativity in all he does. Surprisingly, however, the 5th house is best known for representing the person’s relationship with children. Leos do love children, and a well-aspected 5th house can ensure a happy family life. It also means that Leos do well in careers in which their work affects the lives of children, whether it’s as a child psychologist or the chancellor of a university. Leos also make good project managers and personnel directors.

Learn More About Astrology

There’s a lot more to understand than the basic personality characteristics assigned to someone who is born under the sign of Leo. While everything you’ve just read will describe how the Leo’s basic personality and the way he will react under pressure, there are additional astrological aspects that bring out other qualities in him. After all, no two Leos are alike, right? It’s a good idea to look into your rising sign, also called the ascending sign, which refers to the astrological sign that was on your horizon at the time you were born, and it has a lot to do with the way that others perceive you. In addition, try to discover your Moon sign, which affects your own self-image, so that you can shed additional light on your personality.

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