Taking a Look at Taurus: Your Horoscope Explained

If you’re born between April 21 and May 20, just in the nick of springtime, you boast a Taurus horoscope. Boast is the right word, too, because people who have Taurus as their Sun sign are proud and honest. Your ruling planet is Venus, the sign of love and harmony. Taurus rules the 2nd sign of the zodiac, and you’ll find that it’s one of the three Earth signs, along with Virgo and Capricorn. How will these parameters combine to define your personality?

The Basics of Astrology

If you have difficulty comprehending how mythical-sounding planetary constellations can affect your personality and the major decisions in your life, then take a minute to consider the scientific aspects. A person’s horoscope represents the way the sky looked at the time he was born. Think of the sky as a big circle, with the twelve astrological signs traveling their way around it. It takes about 30 days for the Sun to travel through each constellation. If your Sun sign is Taurus, that means the Sun was passing through the sign of the Bull when you were born.

Venus: The Planet of Love

Taurus HoroscopePeople have romanticized about Venus since the days of ancient mythology; this is the planet that was named for Aphrodite, the Roman goddess of love.  Venus represents love and beauty, along with universal harmony and luxury. If it’s elegant, if it’s attractive, if it’s a beautiful song struck in harmony that sings of love, then it’s influenced by Venus.

Of course there’s a lot more to the person born under Taurus. Taureans are kind, honest, and pleasant. Most of them love to create music or art, and those who have never developed their artistic skills are simply happy to sit back and appreciate the art fashioned by others.  Speaking of fashion, Taureans take a real interest in clothing, make-up and cosmetics, and hair design. The Taurean is the person who chooses the silk blouse or the deep turquoise satin scarf.  These are the people who love to attend fancy parties with scrumptious buffets.

It’s also true that Taureans share a few qualities in common with the Bull that depicts their sign. Just as bulls are strong and stubborn, so are Taureans.  A person born under this sign will persist with an assignment until it is done, even if it’s a slow, methodical job.  If they’re not strong in body, they’re strong in spirit, and they never give up.  They are gentle folks who stay on track in life, with the aim of making things nice for their family.

This all fits with Taurus’s designation as an Earth sign. Like the two other Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, Taureans are realistic and practical. They also possess a sensual, lusty nature.

What Happens With Bad Taurus?

Every sign has its negative side, and Taurus is no different.  Someone with a Taurus astrological sign runs the risk of surpassing stubborn and actually becoming bullheaded.  Some of them do not like to consider other viewpoints because they focus only on their own. Because they adore materialistic things, they run the risk of becoming greedy or jealous. They have a tendency to eat too much and gain weight easily.

Taurus’s Best Matches

Astrologists define partners as anyone that hooks up with you whether it’s marriage or business.  If you have a Taurus astrology sign, then your best matches are other Earth signs. You mate well with other Taureans, because you share the same sensual nature and love of art, although the two of you together will have to focus on the work to get it done. Virgo and Capricorn are of similar natures and share high compatibility. The Water signs normally are thought to go well with Earth signs, but Cancer is probably the best match.  Taurus gets a little impatient with Pisces’ dreaminess, and Scorpio’s naturally dark nature doesn’t fit well with Taurus. When Taurus makes a commitment to become partners, he will try hard and long to make the relationship work.

Taurus Rules the 2nd House

Can you guess what qualities are influenced by the 2nd house of the zodiac? The house ruled by Taurus stands for finances and acquisitions. There is a diversity of career options for the Taurean: The earthy Taurean loves to garden. The materialistic Taurean enjoys careers in fashion and the arts, either creating them or managing others who work in the field. They also make good architects because they envision beautiful homes and they have the talent to bring them to reality. However, no matter what job Taurus chooses, his perseverance will ensure that he makes enough money to acquire the things he values.

Learn More About Astrology

Most of the characteristics mentioned apply to the Taurus Sun sign with good planetary aspects. It’s always a good idea to learn what the person’s rising or ascendant sign is as well as his moon sign. The rising sign indicates the astrological constellation that was on the horizon at the time and place where he was born. The moon sign represents the astrological constellation where the Moon was passing at the time of birth. All of these considerations factor together so that every person has his own individual personality—no two Taureans can be exactly alike. Why not read more about it?


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