A Look at Pisces: Understanding Your Horoscope

You were born under the sign of Pisces if your birth date takes place somewhere between February 20 through March 20.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Neptune. It’s one of the three water signs, along with Cancer and Scorpio, and it’s also one of the four mutable signs—more about that later.

So let’s put all this information together and see what it means for you!

A Word About Astrology

Before you can read what it means to have a Pisces horoscope, you have to gain a little bit of knowledge about the science of astrology. Have you ever seen someone’s horoscope drawn using a large circle? That circle represents the sky and the way it looked at the time and place when the person was born. Think of a circle divided into twelve wedges—each of them for one of the zodiac signs.

The Sun spends a month in each sign, taking a whole year to go around the entire circle. If you are a Pisces, the Sun was traveling through the constellation that makes up Pisces on your birthday.

Piscis Horoscope

Pisces natives fall under the mystical influence of Neptune, a huge, slow-moving planet that governs all that is mystical and creative in the world. The sign of Pisces is the last of the twelve, but it’s wrong to think of it as the end of the horoscope: It’s just the ending that dissolves into the new beginnings that Aries brings.

Who and What Is Pisces?

Pisces people are kind, helpful, peace loving, and self-sacrificing. Pisces has a vision of utopia and peace as well as deep-seated religious views. Many people believe that of all the signs, Pisces is the one sign more intuitive than any other sign.

Because the Pisces native develops a great feeling of spirituality, along with the intuition and willingness to help others, there are those who say that Jesus was actually born a Pisces and not a Capricorn.

Pisces natives are very sensitive to the woes of other people. They also feel it when they, themselves, have been wronged by others, and it stings the heart of Pisces. They are generous, sympathetic, and understanding. They dream of better things.
Because Pisces’ constant concern is making the world a better place, they make excellent missionaries.

They are the people most suited to Peace Corps or other humanitarian efforts, and in the urban business world they do well working at social service agencies and heading up charities.

Many religious figures—priests, rabbis, ministers—fall under the influence of Pisces.

Because Pisces is a Water sign, it’s natural for Pisces to roll along emotionally through life, exhibiting his own emotions and also understanding and absorbing the emotions of others. Pisces is also a Mutable sign, meaning he is adaptable to changes.

When Pisces Goes Wrong

Yes, there is a bad Pisces, and when Pisces goes wrong he or she goes very, very wrong. Bad Pisces becomes overwhelmed by daydreams without ever accomplishing any of them. He complains about his lot in life rather than doing anything about it. Pisces has a tendency toward moodiness, and if he feels he’s been made a martyr he’ll make certain everyone knows it. Pisces’ susceptibility to wallowing in fantasy and mysticism also, more than any other sign, renders him prone to addiction.

Partners for Pisces

In astrology, a partner means someone you team up with, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Whether Pisces is seeking a business partner or a romantic liaison, it’s best to remember Pisces’ dreamy but mutable qualities, because he won’t do well with the Fire signs, who will be frustrated that they can’t pin him (or her) down on issues.

Pisces does better with someone like Virgo or Cancer. Virgo sits opposite Pisces on the horoscope wheel, a true case of opposites attract, and pragmatic Virgo admires Piscean creativity. Cancer identifies with Pisces’ emotionalism, and so they often make a successful pairing.

It should be noted that although Sagittarius is a Fire sign, it is also the sign that best understands the deeper theological and mystical philosophies of life, and so if Sagittarius is properly aspected it will match well with Pisces.

Ruling the Twelfth House of the Zodiac

Pisces is that ending that dissolves into new beginnings, and so it is with the twelfth house of the zodiac. The twelfth house affects your secrets and tells you who your enemies are—you need to know your planetary aspects for this. It also governs the function of places like hospitals, social service agencies and charities, and jails.

Know the Entire Person

You should remember that this section on Pisces refers to your Sun sign, which tells who and what you are in your innermost being. In order to delve deeper into the meaning of your Pisces horoscope sign, you’ll want to find out your ascendant sign—what constellation was rising on the horizon when you were born—and your moon sign.

As you learn more and more about astrology, as any Pisces will want to do, you will need to consider the angles that are formed by various planets and where they are within your horoscope chart.  Even though it will take you more research to learn all those aspects, it does serve to explain why no two Pisces are exactly alike.


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