Best Selling Items on eBay

What are the best selling items on eBay? Well if you plan on selling on eBay, the first thing you should know is it’s a balance of what makes good profits whilst still being an “in demand” product.

Some categories and items are simply over saturated. Which means there is too much competition making profits low for any seller who tries and enters the market. The good news is there are still thousands of categories and products which due to unorganised competition are a great market to enter.

There are two tools which I thoroughly recommend you use to research which are the best selling items on eBay. The first is Terapeak – a must for any serious eBay seller and the second is the eBay Pulse which is a less resourceful version of terapeak.

As I have no idea what products you are looking at selling, Research will help you find the answer quite quickly. Check the main categories, then sub categories to see what products you are knowledgeable about and interested in.

Having product knowledge will make answering customer questions easier and will help your product description writing a breeze. Never sell something you know nothing about without doing research first (i.e. How Popular, How Much they have sold for and the best listing times)

You will want to discover over saturated markets quickly and especially before you order any inventory for your ebay selling store.

Finding local suppliers then importing is the natural progression of selling on eBay. To find out which wholesalers and dropshippers (where the wholesaler ships the stock for you) offer top service and the products you are looking for make sure you check out my “Top eBay Sellers Tools” reviews.

On eBay Australia using the Terapeak Research Tool Some of the most popular categories are Antique Furniture, Aboriginal Art, Hair Care, Non-Fiction Books, Farming and Agriculture Business Equipment, Computer Components, Scrap booking, Dolls, LCD Televisions, Women’s Fashion, Cycling and the List goes on.

These are just some hot products that are in demand. In demand products is the starting point for choosing your inventory. Second is having low competition.

Another important factor to consider when buying eBay stock is trends. Trends can be seasonal, time of year or even time of month.

A simple example would be trying to sell umbrellas during summer or bikini’s during winter. Consider the popularity of your chosen product and who is your most likely customer. i.e. Female, Male, Young, Old, Their Occupation – This will help you write you listing according to your target customer.

Google Trends is a super useful tool to decide when certain products or keyword searches are popular. You can visit the Google Trends site here.

Summing up, Finding the best selling items on eBay simply requires research. And if you are serious about long term profits on eBay, the more research you do the better, especially for products you intend to move a lot and keep in stock for a long time.

Spend a day writing researching and another day writing the listing! This little bit of extra time will bring you way more profits then trying to list 100 items with poor research and listing details.

Wishing You Great Success,

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