Discover Your Capricorn Horoscope

If you’re looking up Capricorn horoscopes, your birth date falls somewhere between December 22 through January 20.  Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac.  It’s ruled by Saturn, also known as the Greater Maleficent.  And you undoubtedly already know that it’s ruled by the constellation identified as Capricorn the Goat.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are the dependable, never-say-die people that everyone else depends upon.  They are hardworking and reliable to the end.  The people in Capricorn’s life turn to him for leadership and constancy.

Capricorn HoroscopeCapricorns also have a thirst for wealth, property, and power.  They exert all their unwavering efforts with meticulous patience so that they can achieve a position of authority in the world around them.  These traits carry along with them an intense attention to detail, because they practice their belief that accuracy represents a faithful formula for achievement.

If you’ve researched anything about Capricorn horoscopes, you’ve probably discovered that Saturn is referred to as the Greater Maleficent-also known as the Teacher.  Saturn teaches lessons in life the easy way-or the hard way.  Capricorns have the innate ability to analyze the results of their efforts and determine if they have been successful, or whether growth and change are needed.  This sounds ominous, but this quality can help the Capricorn to get through difficult times and make the changes that he’s been resisting whenever he’s at a crossroads in life.  Saturn also teaches humility.

Capricorns take a keen interest in philosophical issues, and his natural inquisitiveness will take him to new levels of knowledge.  Along with this philosophical side comes a good sense of humor, although he keeps it under his hat and sometimes people are surprised by his wit.

On the negative side, those falling under Capricorn horoscopes exhibit periods of intense melancholy.  Capricorn’s loved ones probably complain that he’s not demonstrative.  And he tends toward pessimism-that glass of water always looks almost empty to him.  He’s also a bit of a penny pincher.  Capricorns are the lugubrious naysayers of the earth.

In his interpersonal relationships, he keeps his innermost feelings to himself, and so he is not a sharing partner.  It’s not easy for him to allow someone into his life, and many Capricorns establish a marriage or even a business partnership as an uneasy alliance that never really feels comfortable for them.  But if he makes that commitment to someone, then he is intensely loyal and dedicated to that person.

Capricorn is an Earth sign, along with Virgo and Taurus.  If you think of phrases like “salt of the earth” or “earth mother,” that describes Capricorn perfectly.  He (or she) is solid and reliable, cautious and contemplative.   He can lead others through difficult times.

Capricorn rules the Tenth House of the zodiac, which rules careers and public standing.  It covers all matters related to work life, including professional or career development.  Capricorns become unswervingly honest politicians, and their love of accuracy makes them ideal for just about anything in the field of engineering.  They work fluidly within the bureaucracies of large institutions or agencies.

Health concerns for Capricorns most definitely include the knees.  They also tend toward dry skin and hair.  But when they’re ill, they refuse to take to their beds until their loved ones put them there.

Few of these people study their Capricorn horoscopes, because they tend to disbelieve in anything they can’t put their hands on.  Their best stone is the black onyx, although January’s birthstone, the garnet, makes them feel lighthearted.  Capricorn’s best color is the deep brown of the earth.

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