Learning About Your Aires Horoscope

All About Aries: Astrology and You

If you were born between March 21 and April 20, you fall under the sign of Aries the Ram, the first astrological sign in the horoscope wheel.

Aries is governed by the fiery red planet, Mars, and that pretty much explains your personality and the way you approach things. It rules the 1st house of the zodiac, and it’s categorized as a Fire sign, along with Leo and Sagittarius. It’s time to learn just what that means for you so that you can understand how astrology affects your life.

Becoming Familiar With the Horoscope Wheel

Aires Horoscope

Have you ever seen all the zodiac signs drawn around a large circle, with one section of that circle identified as your Sun sign?

That that circle actually represents a map of the sky, and it reflects the placement of the astrological constellation signs at the time you were born, wherever you were born. As the Sun travels around the sky during the course of a year, it takes about 30 days to move through each astrological sign, and when you were born it was traveling through Aries.

Your planetary ruler is Mars, and you know that it’s a planet with a reputation for tumultuous sizzling heat.  As a planet, it was named after Mars, the mythological god of war. Just as war can set off cataclysmic events and disaster, it can also end tragic historical times and bring about peace. In much the same way, the Aries is the person to lead the way in ventures that will change things for better or worse for his friends and family.

Vibrant, Colorful Aries

As the Sun travels through Aries, it highlights certain qualities in Aries natives more than in anyone else. The Aries person exudes energy much of the time and exhibits a natural tendency to dominate others. Aries people are especially skilled at movement, whether they use it for fun and profit in sports games or for the conflict and domination typical of war.

But there’s much more than war and energy to the Aries native! Aries is energetic,  yes, but also extremely independent and curious. Just as his astrological sign leads the zodiac wheel, the Aries native makes a natural leader, inspiring others to follow him and achieve more for themselves.  Aries, like the strong-horned ram he is named after, will batter any dilemma or situation until it yields a solution. Aries is stubborn, determined, and impulsive as well.

If you’re an Aries person, you have the ability to think on your feet, and you’re aware that other people look up to you. It’s a good thing, then, that you are also naturally optimistic, because you can lead others to greatness. Fortunately, along with all this energy and verve, you also have a sense of humour, even if it’s rather dry.  It’s easy to recognize why Aries fits into the category of Fire signs.

Aries people also love to travel and explore. They make good leaders because they are willing to go far afield to find answers. In keeping with their potential for physical skills, they excel at sports, and many are drawn into the military. While Aries is a Fire sign, it is also a Cardinal sign. The Cardinal signs are set at the start of each season of the year, and Aries, of course, launches Spring. Aries people are good at starting new things

The Bad Side of Aries

How could there be a negative side to such an energetic leader? You’ll find that on his bad days Aries can be stubborn to the point of pigheadedness. He often acts without thinking things through, sometimes with disastrous results. He can be sarcastic and inconsiderate of subordinates, which include anybody he views as having a lesser amount of authority. People view Bad Aries as rude, brusk, inconsiderate, and argumentative. Because Aries is such a vibrant person, when his bad qualities come out, they are quite noticeable.

Aries’ Favourite People

Who loves ya, Aries? The Aries native’s bold qualities can be appreciated and accepted by Leo and Sagittarius, the other two Fire signs, but they are also likely to clash like a couple of bossy titans among themselves. Aries will find better mates—friends, partners, and lovers—among the optimistic people born under the Air signs, which include Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Libra, another Cardinal sign, is at the opposite side of the astrological wheel and therefore provides good balance for Aries.  Aries will also feel an attraction toward Scorpio, a sign that was once said also to be ruled by Mars, but in becoming acquainted Aries will find Scorpio too dark-natured for him.

Ruling the First House of the Zodiac

The first house of the zodiac represents a person’s truest self, and it actually affects the way a person walks and holds himself. With Aries people, what you see is what you get; very few of them are pretentious in any way. They walk tall and take big strides.

Understanding the Whole Person

How can all the people born under Aries have exactly the same qualities? Wouldn’t they all be exactly alike? The answer is that they are not. Each person is affected not only by his Sun sign, which describes the true inner workings of the person, but also by his Moon sign and Ascendant sign. The Moon sign reflects which sign the Moon was passing through at the time of birth, and the Ascendant or rising sign indicates what astrological constellation was passing over the horizon at the location and time when you were born. It’s a good idea to study the entire horoscope to know your innermost self.


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