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If you didn’t know already, Astrology is different to Astronomy. Astrology is typically defined as a form of divination where Astronomy is a science.

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But there’s nothing so fascinating as learning what makes up our individual personalities.

Who are you?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You can find monthly horoscopes in the newspaper, in magazines, or on the internet that provide a lot of insight into what makes you tick and why you like the things you like!

There are twelve horoscope signs.  Each sign covers approximately one month’s time during the course of a year.  Your horoscope sign depends on the date you were born.

Monthly Horoscope

Read on to see what sign you are…


(March 21 through April 19), sign of the Ram:

Aries is a Fire sign, ruled by the planet Mars.  You are undoubtedly outgoing and adventurous.  Aries people are enthusiastic and assertive, but they are also very trusting of their companions-and sometimes injured by that trust!  Aries people like to explore new choices.  Sometimes they can be a little too impulsive, and on the negative side Aries people can be a little intimidating and aggressive.  Your romantic or business partners have to be strong-willed people themselves in order to get along with you.  Your best matches are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

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(April 20 through May 20), sign of the Bull:

Taurus is an Earth sign, ruled by the planet Venus.  Taureans are as stubborn as the Bull that symbolizes them, and they are very artistic.  They appear to be relaxed and calm, and they are not influenced by others.  You tend to internalize your worries and fears, which creates the impression that you’re condescending or antisocial.  In truth, the Taurus person enjoys socializing a great deal.  The Taurus person loves to plan for what’s ahead because he wants a future complete with all the little materialistic touches he likes.  On the negative side, Taurus people are very stubborn and do not accept others’ opinions easily.  Your best matches are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

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(May 21 through June 20), sign of the Twins:

Gemini is an Air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury.  You are always on the move, seeking new knowledge.  You want to know just a little bit, but not too much, about everything!  Geminis are often too curious for their own good and are known for getting into mischief.  They love to examine problems from all angles and are good at finding solutions.  On the negative side, their mental fluidity makes it easy for Geminis to be good liars.  Your best matches are Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries.

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(June 21 through July 22), sign of the Crab:

Cancer is a Water sign, ruled by the Moon.  Cancer people tend to be dreamy and full of passions that they keep hidden.  They are very caring of family and friends, but their envy can bite the ones they love.  Cancer people experience mood shifts just as the moon experiences phases.  Love and romance, hearth and home, are of utmost importance to Cancer people.  On the negative side, they can seem moody and hard.  Your best matches are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.

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(July 23 through August 22), sign of the Lion:

Leo is a Fire Sign, ruled by the Sun.  Leos are fiery individuals, proud and loyal.  They are most definitely extroverts and would agree that they are probably the kings and queens of the zodiac.  Leos are totally devoted to their people and their causes.  They make good leaders and try to be fair to all.  On the negative side, they can seem a bit preening, and they hold grudges for a long time if they feel wounded.  Your best matches are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.

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(August 23 through September 22), sign of the Virgin:

Virgo is an Earth sign, ruled by Mercury.  A Virgo will tell you that he or she doesn’t believe in monthly horoscopes!  They are practical more than pragmatic; they are concerned with results but they also want to understand the theories and principles that lead to those results.  They are kind people who enjoy sharing with others.  Virgos often give great advice because they are so analytical of every situation.  On the negative side, they can be finicky and narrow-minded.  Your best matches are Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.

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(September 23 through October 22), sign of the Scales:

Libra is an Air sign, ruled by Venus.  Just like their symbol, Libras concern themselves with weighing the pros and cons of every situation.  But there is also a duality in that they admire fantasy and creativity, and these are the people who are best at imagining role-playing games.  They are easy-going and look for peaceful ways to resolve issues.  On the negative side, they will withhold their true feelings rather than offend anyone, and they can become bitterly disillusioned.  Your best matches are Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo.

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(October 23 through November 21), sign of the Scorpio:

Scorpio is a Water sign, ruled by Pluto.  Scorpios are the ones who give truth to the adage that still waters run deep.  These are secretive, contemplative people who attract intense drama into their lives.  They thrive on power, and they are natural-born leaders.  Scorpios are intuitive and have the patience to make wise decisions.  On the negative side, they can be cunning, with their love of power overwhelming them, and if any one sign identifies with “the dark side”, it is Scorpio.  Your best matches are Capricorn, Pisces, and Cancer.

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(November 22 through December 21), sign of the Archer:

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter.  Sagittarians are the philosophers of the zodiac, with a deep interest in religion and spirituality.  You’ll find them to be equable and outgoing.   These are the generous types who read aloud everyone else’s monthly horoscopes before they get to their own.  Sagittarians are not as forceful as the other two Fire signs, but they will rear back if you challenge them.  They prize freedom and the right to express oneself.  They are also notorious practical jokers.  On the negative side, Sagittarians can be tactless and lazy.  Your best matches are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.

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(December 22 through January 19), sign of the Goat:

Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn.  Capricorns are businesslike and industrious, as dictated by their lugubrious ruling planet.  They are most likely to establish a plan for success and money and then stick to it.  It might seem that they have no sense of humor, but when you least expect it they’ll surprise you.  Saturn has taught them to be very cautious, and it takes them a long time to develop a friendship or make a commitment.  On the negative side, they can seem too conservative or too gloomy.  Your best matches are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

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(January 20 through February 18), sign of the Water Bearer:

Aquarius is an Air sign ruled by Uranus.  These are the humanitarians of the planet, ready to take the world in hand and change it.  They can be highly intellectual and imaginative.  Aquarians are very friendly and they’re happiest when helping others.  They are outgoing and committed.  Because of their idealism, they will look for a stand to take and once they take it, they won’t budge.  Many people find Aquarians to be the eccentrics among us, and that leads us to the negative side-Aquarians can be too quirky and even overzealous, and they have a tendency to whine.  Your best matches are Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries.

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(February 19 through March 20), sign of the Fish:

Pisces is a Water sign, ruled by Neptune.  Pisceans are the dreamers of the planet, more likely even than Sagittarius to be caught up in the mysteries of the universe.  When their feet are planted on the ground they are friendly, and they are very adaptable to changing situations.  Pisceans are also very artistic because their intense imaginations render them creative, and they are very sensitive.  On the negative side, they can lose focus when making decisions, and if life throws them a hard toss, they are likely to moan rather than meet the challenge.  Your best matches are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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