Scorpio – The Bad Boy of Astrology

All About Scorpio: The Bad Boy of Astrology

If you’re born between October 24 and November 22, your horoscope sign is Scorpio, one of the darkest and most dour signs in astrology. That doesn’t mean all bad things, however, even though people like to play up Scorpio’s secretiveness—there have been five American presidents born under Scorpio, tied with Aquarius for most presidents.  Scorpio is a Water sign and also ruler of the 8th house in the natural order of the zodiac wheel.

Understanding Basic Astrology

Are you wondering what the phrase means, “natural order of the zodiac wheel”? It refers to the horoscope circles you’ve seen drawn, divided into twelve sections. This circle actually depicts a map of the sky at the place and time when you were born. It takes the Sun an entire year to travel around the whole circle, spending about a month going through the various constellations that make up the twelve astrological signs. When you were born, the Sun was traveling through the constellation of Scorpio the Scorpion.

Scorpio originally was ruled by Mars, the same as Aries (which interestingly has the least number of American presidents), but when Pluto was discovered, astrologers felt Pluto’s domination over Scorpio was more compelling. Even though Pluto has now been reclassified as a dwarf planet, its influence over Scorpio natives continues.

Scorpio HoroscopeGetting to Know Scorpio

One of the main things about Scorpio is that you never really do get to know them. The reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet, as mentioned above, means simply that Pluto does not have the gravity to clear astrological bodies from the path of its orbit. Some find it interesting that over the ages, people have characterized Scorpion natives as having still waters that run deep.

When you consider the two descriptions, it’s easy to see that they imbue a certain symmetry to Scorpions, a quality of appearing to be calm and tolerant of the status quo, but with a lot going on beneath the surface.

To back up that hidden personality, Scorpios are perhaps the most determined people in the zodiac. Unlike other signs that are stubborn or persistent, Scorpios embark on a course and pursue it with decisive aggression. They are natural healers and leaders—not just presidents, but also surgeons, soldiers, and professors.  Their bear an affinity for liquids, since Scorpio is a Water sign, so you’ll see them heading up oil corporations or wineries.  Those Scorpio natives who don’t make it to the top will find employment working in any of those fields and will show unmistakable potential as managers.

But there is much more to Scorpio than tough, dominating leadership! Scorpios hold a very deep sense of responsibility, and if you have a Scorpio on your side you can count on that forever, or as long as you stay true. Scorpios do have that secretive nature, but they are also courageous and honest. They watch and see everything that goes on around them. And it’s true, in case you’ve read it elsewhere, that Scorpio wields more sex appeal than any other sign.

A Walk on the Wild Side of Scorpio

When Scorpio’s bad qualities emerge, watch out. Bad Scorpio will be an aggressive bully, even cruel, the person who climbs his way to the top ruthlessly. Scorpio natives become fanatical about their beliefs, finding it difficult to compromise, and they are quick to argue with those around them.  They watch what they have with jealous eyes and if they feel they’ve been betrayed, they will sting the betrayer—as quickly as a scorpion can whip its deadly tail around.

Scorpio’s Partners

Yet for all this ominous negativity and secretiveness, people flock to Scorpio. Scorpio does throw off that immense appeal to others, whether its sexuality or just plain vitality. And the Scorpio partner can be very well rewarded for his trust—Scorpio’s passions, once unleashed, throw a blanket of love and protection over the people he partners with, whether it’s for love or business.

The best matches include Taurus, who is loyal and predictable, something that Scorpio really needs, as well as one of the other Water signs, Cancer. Pisces is also a water sign and a possible match for Scorpio, but Pisces may be easily overwhelmed by Scorpio. Leo makes an interesting bedfellow for Scorpio, whether business or romantic. Although Leo is a Fire sign and Fire and Water often don’t mix, Leo has the strength and domination to gain Scorpio’s respect, and the two can work well together. Scorpio might also do well with Capricorn’s solid earthiness.

Ruling the Eighth House of the Zodiac

Scorpio oversees the 8th house of the zodiac, which represents life transformations, death, betrayal, sexuality and passion, and, strangely enough considering the other factors, legal matters. Scorpio is a serious sign, and the matters of the house it rules are serious. Can the person move into adulthood without being hampered by issues of his childhood? Is there a barrage of family secrets? If you have planets traveling through the eighth house, they will be somberly affected by Scorpio’s influence. Keep in mind, as mentioned before, that Scorpio natives are natural healers, and the life energy, the power to regenerate and revitalize yourself after setbacks, also is determined by this aspect of your chart.

Explore the Whole Person

There is so much more to learn about your horoscope as a whole. No two Scorpio natives are alike, because each person is affected by his Moon and rising signs as well as the different planetary aspects that rule his horoscope chart. The Moon travels around the sky very quickly, and it enters a new constellation every couple days. The sign the Moon was in when you were born reveals the person you aspire to be; the qualities you wish you had. The rising sign, which is the constellation that was on the horizon at the time you were born, determines the qualities that others notice in you more than anything else. Once you begin to explore these aspects of your horoscope, you can gain a full perspective on your Scorpio horoscope.

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