The Virgo Star Sign

Invincible Virgo:  Disbeliever of the Zodiac

Were you born between August 23 and September 23? If so, then you have a Virgo horoscope. That means you are an Earth sign ruled by Mercury—a paradox right off the bat that we’ll talk about in a minute. Virgo governs the 6th house of the zodiac, and it’s quite possible that even though you’re reading this, you feel a bit skeptical about astrology. Realizing that you question this science precisely because you’re a Virgo can be so frustrating!

First, Learn About the Horoscope Wheel

Virgo HoroscopeIf you’ve ever seen one of the circles drawn and divided into 12 parts to represent someone’s zodiac, you’ve got to learn what it means. It actually depicts the sky where you were born, at the time you were born. The Sun spends the entire year traveling through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and on your birthday it was traveling through the astrological constellation of Virgo the Virgin.

Virgo the Paradox

We said before that Virgo is a paradox, and here’s why. Virgo falls into the category of Earth signs, which generally indicate a person who keeps both feet planted solidly on terra firma at all times: This is a person with a practical, thoughtful approach to life. But Mercury ruling the Virgo horoscope means a quick-witted person who flits from one thing to the next with ease and versatility.  The Virgo person loves nothing more than facts and numbers and enjoys exploring intellectual theories, yet he will attach himself strongly to the people and places that surround his life experiences.

Because Mercury exerts such a strong intellectual influence over Virgo, tied into this pragmatic earthiness, many of them view astrology as a concept too farfetched to hold water.  Virgos are the last people who will consider that the planets and moon yield an effect on their lives, even though they cannot rebut the influence of magnetism and gravity by those same planets.

Someone with a Virgo horoscope loves the methodology associated with learning. He also enjoys memorizing tables and facts. They make good students all the way from early learning through college, and they take pride in their intellectual accomplishments.  Only Gemini, which shares Mercury as a ruling planet, can rival Virgo’s ability to reason with logic and clarity. If you can get a Virgo to argue it will be a lively debate, but too often they hold themselves above it.

Virgos work well in careers dealing with numbers, such as accountants. Because of their thoroughness they make great auditors, and they also have a skill at engineering, particularly quality control.  Don’t forget that paradoxical side to their nature, however—the Earthy side of them loves to provide service. They make great nurses.  Also, their mental acuity and love of words means they generally write pretty well.

Annoying Virgo

You’ve heard of people who cross the t and dot the i, but Virgos actually flog the dot on the i. They will argue to drive home their point even at the danger of alienating others. They express skepticism of abstract concepts and border on the brink of boorishness. Virgo risks showing others how narrow his mind is. He can easily turn from a practical pragmatic to an insensitive pedantic.  The person with the Virgo horoscope literally will not see the forest because he cannot quit focusing on the trees.

Who Loves You, Virgo?

Virgos do not believe in love at first sight. That’s way too impractical! Virgo, instead, approaches romance analytically and will make a checklist of qualities he wants in a lover.  However, once Virgo establishes a relationship with someone, he will value it as much as Scarlett valued the red earth of Tara and will fight to the end to keep it. On the business end, Virgo may drive his business partner to distraction with obsessive bean counting, but in the end the partner will be glad he had someone as careful with figures as Virgo.

Virgo partners well with Taurus and Capricorn, the other Earth signs, because they all share the same practical mindset and appreciation of hard work. However, Virgo also melds well with the narrow-eyed Water sign Scorpio and, like a giant finding a kitten, appreciates the dreamy mindset of Pisces.  Virgo also gets along well with two other mutable signs, Sagittarius—although the Sagittarian sense of humor may be a little too overwhelming at times—and Gemini, which as we’ve said shares the same ruling planet of Mercury.

Virgo: Ruling the 6th Zodiac House

Return to the image you’ve got of the wheel divided into twelve parts, called zodiac houses; Virgo rules the 6th house of employment and health. The Virgo person’s approach to each of these seemingly unrelated areas is methodical and intellectual. He will utilize a spreadsheet to keep his budget or even search for a job. He will never miss his six-month dental appointments.  This house sets the rhythm for life, and Virgo likes to keep in step.

Understanding the Whole Person

Now you can understand the basic personality of the person with a Virgo horoscope. But there’s much more to learn about astrology! After all, no two Virgos are exactly alike, right? Keep in mind that while the Sun sign governs a person’s basic personality types—the true characteristics he possesses at his core—there is more to learn. You will benefit from looking into your rising or ascendant sign, which comes from the horoscope sign on the horizon when you were born, as well as the moon sign, taken from the constellation in which the moon was traveling on the day of birth.  From those aspects the Virgo person gathers other personality traits that make him a completely unique person.

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