What’s Germane About Gemini? A Look at Your Horoscope

People born between May 21 and June 21 fall under the rule of Gemini, the sign of the twins.

The twins that dominate this sign pretty much summarize the primary trait of Gemini folks: You’re born with a duality of nature. Whether it’s the way you react to people, the way you view the world, or the way you change your mind, you’ve got to admit that sometimes you feel like two people.

Your ruling planet is Mercury, which touches you with the quicksilver nature characteristic of this fluidic metal. Gemini rules the 3rd house of the zodiac, and it’s one of the three Air signs. How does this all fit together for you?

Understanding Your Horoscope

Gemini HoroscopeIn order to assimilate what you’re about to learn, you have to understand that the zodiac or horoscope wheel represents a map of the sky at the time and place where you were born.

If you were standing at the place of your birth and you looked upward, you could encircle the sky with a big wheel cut into twelve sections. Each of them represents one of the twelve zodiac signs, and the Sun was traveling through the constellation of Gemini the Twins when you were born.

Mercury: Bringing on That Quicksilver Mentality

Only two planets are ruled by Mercury, Gemini and Virgo. While Virgo is an Earth sign, held firmly to Earth by basic qualities, Gemini is an Air sign. Both signs share a quick mentality, because Mercury represents vivacious intelligence and versatility. When you’re confronted with a problem, your mind seizes it and examines it from every aspect.   You love to find the logic and order in something but, unlike Virgo, you don’t necessary like to live by that logic.

The Gemini person loves words and books, and he’s fairly good at math if he sits still long enough to study the basic tenets. People find Gemini to be intriguing and clever, and although there’s a restless side to his nature he always remains serene under pressure. Gemini is the fact collector, the trivia buff, the multitasker who blazes ahead when a deadline is looming.

There’s more to Gemini than just logic. He also loves to imagine how his dreams can come true. He is curious to find out why somebody feels the way they do, especially if those feelings seem foreign to him.

Bad Times: You Can’t Rely on Gemini

When you look on the darker side of Gemini, you see someone who has a tendency to be ruthless and even calculating. Bad Gemini revels in his cleverness; he enjoys the triumph of his mental talents more than he cares about the person who loses out in dealing with him. Gemini also runs the risk of starting a project—or even a personal relationship—and then just suddenly losing interest in it. The Gemini person can easily fool others by his duality of nature, and at his worst his mental prowess and callousness make him a very good criminal.

Good Partners for Gemini

Remember that in astrology, a partner is anyone that you match up with, whether it’s in business or romance. Gemini’s best matches include people born in other signs with mutable characteristics, notably Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius.  While Virgo might be a match because they both share the same analytical nature, Virgo falls into the category of Earth signs, so he or she would be a bit too grounded for flighty Gemini. Pisces is too caught up in dreamy imagining to suit Gemini. Sagittarius, a Fire sign, is a very good match for Gemini—they are both quick-witted and adaptable. In fact Sagittarius displays vitality yet is a bit susceptible to the influence of others, which suits Gemini just fine. Leo and Aries are also possible matches, although Gemini might find them a bit too bossy for his taste.

Gemini: Dominating the 3rd House

The third house of the zodiac, dominated by your ruling planet, governs three separate aspects of life: your relatives, communication, and travel. The Gemini is someone who will enjoy advising his siblings and cousins when they come to him; he doesn’t seek to be a family man or woman in life, but if it comes to him he embraces it.

Gemini natives make good journalists, in part because of this third-house influence. They are so good with words and sentences, and their inquiring minds make them natural newshounds. You’ll find quite a few English teachers born under this sign. Gemini also loves to travel, and so he might make a good travel agent or tour guide.

Learn More About Astrology

You’ve been reading about the characteristics that apply to the person who has the Sun in Gemini. There are other aspects to learn about as well, because you, more than any other sign, realize that no two Geminis are alike! You will also want to investigate your rising or ascendant sign, which represents the constellation that was ascending on the horizon at your place of birth when you were born. Also of significance in understanding your horoscope is to find out which sign the Moon was traveling in when you were born. Once you discover these three basic aspects, you’ll have a good picture of what makes you tick.

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